Rules and Procedures for ACANU’s Meeting with the Press

Rules and Procedures for ACANU’s “Meeting with the Press”

The ACANU Committee, on behalf of members of the Association des Correspondents Auprès des Nations Unies, periodically sponsors meetings with the press for individuals or organizations from outside the U.N. To propose a briefing, send your request using this link or contact and/or, specifying the theme and speaker, as well as your preferred date and time.

Meetings with the press are a privilege of our presence as permanently U.N.-accredited journalists within the U.N.’s European headquarters, and are subject to the following rules and procedures:

  1. Organizations wishing to arrange a meeting may not represent it in any communications as an appearance or briefing at the U.N. or organized by the UN. they shall not use it for any purpose other than to brief and inform ACANU members about their issues.
  2. ACANU is the only organization that will publicize the meeting.
  3. ACANU will notify members of a proposed meeting but will only proceed with arranging it if the ACANU Committee is satisfied there is sufficient membership interest in attending.
  4. Meetings shall be held in the Library of Press Room 2, unless otherwise stated. Speakers at meetings must show up at least 10 minutes before the start of their briefing. Organizers must respect ACANU’s integrity and professional requirements at all times,
  5. Meetings with the press are restricted to ACANU members and four representatives of participant organizations.
  6. The UN prohibits anyone other than ACANU members from filming or photographing at these meetings. Any exceptions must have prior approval from the ACANU Committee.
  7. Participants without U.N. badges are responsible for obtaining a visitor badge. Participants are advised to pick up their badges no later than a half hour before a meeting to allow for any delays. A lengthy delay may result in cancellation of the meeting. If sufficient notice is given, ACANU may help facilitate badges by forwarding names of those requiring them to U.N. security at Pregny Gate.
  8. Organizations should limit the number of speakers to a maximum of three, and the format shall be arranged to leave adequate time for reporters’ questions. Meetings will normally last up to an hour.
  9. Requests for meetings should be received by the ACANU Committee at least three days in advance and are contingent on the availability of an ACANU Committee member to host the event. Participants are advised that last-minute cancellations can occur if the ACANU Committee member host becomes unavailable.
  10. Participants are responsible for acquainting themselves with these rules. In the event of non-compliance, the ACANU Committee reserves the right to cancel a meeting.

Thank you for your interest in meeting with us and adherence to these rules and procedures.

The ACANU Committee

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