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ACANU Barometer

The ACANU Barometer is a poll of members about their opinions and impressions of the efficiency of the communications teams at the different UN agencies and other international organisations based in Geneva. The purpose is to provide constructive feedback to the spokespeople and those they answer to about how their efforts are perceived and valued by journalists, and to give praise where deserved and some suggestions of improvements.

Journalists were asked five questions:

  1. How effective is the media service at the following agencies?
  2. How effective are spokespeople at the following agencies at getting their messages across during the briefings?
  3. How good are the following agencies at providing timely and fair access to reports, statements and other relevant information?
  4. How quickly do the spokespeople at the following agencies respond to your queries?
  5. How easy is it to gain access to experts or high-level officials for comments at the following agencies?

For each question, each agency was ranked on a scale from poor to excellent.

The agency that received the best result will receive a small prize during ACANU’s End-of-the-Year Party on December.

A short summary of the results will be posted on our website, and we will send each agency a compilation of the results and comments received related specifically to their performance.

Results of ACANU Barometer 2018